The story behind BadgeDocs

BadgeDocs started out as a Google Innovator Academy application focused on Hyperdocs. When I attended the 2017 Google Innovator Academy in Sydney Australia (#SYD17), however, I realised that I needed to focus my efforts and wondered what it would look like to combine HyperDocs and Badges. My initial focus was on teachers’ professional development, but I decided to first try it out on my ICT classes.

The first iteration was carried out using Google Sites to deliver content and using a different Sheets Add On to make the Mentor Board. It was a very successful trial, but the process was still quite clunky. For the second iteration I used Google Slides as the Content Doc, which was much easier to work with. I also switched to the Flippity Badge Tracker for the MentorBoard, which is awesome.

I have now created 2 successful BadgeDocs that have been used by a number classes in my school, one on SCRATCH programming (which I will share soon once I have updated the videos) and one on HTML. Next steps include using what I have learned to badge Digital Citizenship lessons for Primary Students and Design lessons for Middle School students. I will share what I create and learn on this website.