How to make & use BadgeDocs

  1. Decide on the skills/understandings/concepts to be taught/evaluated.
  2. Create a badge to represent each skill/understanding/concept.
    • Ideally, try and find a graphic/icon that adequately summarises the learning.
  3. Create a Google Slides Content Doc with lesson materials. Each Badge should have at least the following slides to support it:
    • A slide with text and image explanations
    • A screencast showing students what the need to understand and do
    • An evidence slide explaining what evidence must be submitted to earn the badge.
  4. Hyperlink Content Doc slides to the relevant sections of the Evidence Doc.
  5. Create Tracking Doc Spreadsheet with links to lessons and badges
  6. Assign Evidence Doc to students using Google Classroom.
  7. As students Turn In their work review their work and either assign them a badge or leave detailed feedback about what they still need to do.

For lessons on how to create badges or make online content try following the instructions I created for the 2 badges below:

Click Badge for lessons
Click Badge for lessons