What is a BadgeDoc?

BadgeDocs are hyperlinked Google Docs created to support a workflow that empowers students to be in charge of their own learning. Essentially BadgeDocs are Hyperdocs with Badges attached.

The BadgeDoc workflow includes 3 different Google Docs, each with a different purpose.

The EVIDENCE DOC is a Google Doc assigned to students. It is a type of HYPERDOC with links to LESSONS for the students to follow, space for students to put EVIDENCE of learning and a place for the BADGE that they earn.

The CONTENT DOC is a multimedia rich Google Slides presentation. Text, images, video, GIFS etc are used to create interactive lessons that students can follow. URLS for these lessons are linked to the Evidence Doc. The Content Doc also includes a slide with evidence needed to earn the Badge.

The TRACKING DOC is a Google Spreadsheet with the Flippity Badge Tracker Add On installed. The teacher assigns badges with an ‘x’, stars, or a percent complete. The Add On turns this information into a shareable web interface.

GOOGLE CLASSROOM is used to manage documents and streamline feedback. First, the Evidence Doc is assigned via Classroom; then, students TURN IN the assignment when they are ready for a badge to be assigned; finally, the teacher uses the Grading Portal to easily access student evidence docs and give feedback.

BadgeDoc Templates

I have created 2 BadgeDoc units so far and am happy to share them. To use them you do the following:

  1. Click on the Evidence Doc logo to make your own copy.
  2. Make a copy of the Flippity Badge Tracker Google Sheet. Then replace the default content with the content in the Tracking Doc provided.
  3. If you want to edit the Content Doc click on the logo below to make a copy. REMEMBER, you will have to publish your copy to the web and relink the lessons in the Evidence Doc..

SCRATCH Unit Templates (these are based on the old version of Scratch)

HTML Unit Templates

How to make & use BadgeDocs

  1. Decide on the skills/understandings/concepts to be taught/evaluated.
  2. Create a badge to represent each skill/understanding/concept.
    • Ideally, try and find a graphic/icon that adequately summarises the learning.
  3. Create a Google Slides Content Doc with lesson materials. Each Badge should have at least the following slides to support it:
    • A slide with text and image explanations
    • A screencast showing students what the need to understand and do
    • An evidence slide explaining what evidence must be submitted to earn the badge.
  4. Hyperlink Content Doc slides to the relevant sections of the Evidence Doc.
  5. Create Tracking Doc Spreadsheet with links to lessons and badges
  6. Assign Evidence Doc to students using Google Classroom.
  7. As students Turn In their work review their work and either assign them a badge or leave detailed feedback about what they still need to do.

For lessons on how to create badges or make online content try following the instructions I created for the 2 badges below:

Click Badge for lessons
Click Badge for lessons

The story behind BadgeDocs

BadgeDocs started out as a Google Innovator Academy application focused on Hyperdocs. When I attended the 2017 Google Innovator Academy in Sydney Australia (#SYD17), however, I realised that I needed to focus my efforts and wondered what it would look like to combine HyperDocs and Badges. My initial focus was on teachers’ professional development, but I decided to first try it out on my ICT classes.

The first iteration was carried out using Google Sites to deliver content and using a different Sheets Add On to make the Mentor Board. It was a very successful trial, but the process was still quite clunky. For the second iteration I used Google Slides as the Content Doc, which was much easier to work with. I also switched to the Flippity Badge Tracker for the MentorBoard, which is awesome.

I have now created 2 successful BadgeDocs that have been used by a number classes in my school, one on SCRATCH programming (which I will share soon once I have updated the videos) and one on HTML. Next steps include using what I have learned to badge Digital Citizenship lessons for Primary Students and Design lessons for Middle School students. I will share what I create and learn on this website.

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